How to become a firefighter, fire marshal, EMT

Is such a career right for you?
Read in-depth resources to learn more about what it takes.

Fire Academies

Education is an essential component of fire professional's growth.
However, school is just a first step in a lifetime of learning.

Fire Academies

Learn about them, their curriculum and admission criteria, and how and when to apply

Wildland fire Academies

A special, and distinguished, type of fire academies, Wildland fire academies prepare for the vigor of fighting wildland fires.

Degree programs

What are the most common degrees in firefighting & fire prevention? How hard are they? How can you get an edge?

Skillset & Tests

Firefighting tests the mind and body in ways that will push you to your limits.
These skill evaluations and tests are designed to make sure you are ready.


What educational, problem-solving, interpersonal and emotional skills are needed to fight fires.

The Biddle

The Biddle physical agility test is the gold standard for making sure you have what it takes to be a firefighter.

The NTN Exam

The NTN Written exam makes sure that your have the intellectual preparedness to problem-solve when facing fires.

The California State Fire Marshall & the EMT

Fire Marshalls & EMTs hold a special place in the fire fighting ecosystem.


What is a California State Fire Marshall (CSFM)? What are their responsibilities? How can you become one?

CSFM Training

What are the study requirements to become a California State Fire Marshall?


What is an EMT? What are their responsibilities? How does one become one? How much does it cost?

EMT Training

What are EMT training programs, who conducts them, and how does one apply?