A career in firefighting is one of bravery, dedication, and, undeniably, physical fitness. If you’re aiming for this career path, you’ll likely come across the Biddle Physical Agility Test—a challenge that determines your physical readiness for firefighting tasks. Here’s your comprehensive guide on this crucial test.


What is the Biddle Physical Agility Test?

The Biddle Physical Agility Test, often simply called “The Biddle,” is a performance-based examination specifically designed to test the stamina, strength, and agility of firefighter candidates1. The activities replicate the physical tasks that firefighters encounter in their daily duties.


“The Biddle ensures that firefighters are not just mentally, but also physically prepared for the rigors of the job.” – Firefighter Jack Malone


Events Included in the Biddle

The Biddle consists of several timed events simulating firefighting tasks3:


Hose Drag: Dragging a fire hose over a specified distance.

Ladder Raise and Extension: Lifting ground ladders and extending the fly section.

Equipment Carry: Carrying various tools and equipment from a fire truck to the emergency scene.

Forcible Entry: Using a sledgehammer to simulate breaking through a barrier.

Search: Crawling through a dark, maze-like structure.

Rescue Drag: Dragging a 165-pound dummy over a predetermined distance.

Ceiling Breach and Pull: Using a pole to breach and pull down a simulated ceiling.

Passing Time

The passing time for the Biddle varies depending on the department. However, a common time frame that many departments adhere to is completing the test within 9 to 10 minutes.


Preparing for the Biddle

Successfully navigating the Biddle requires specific training:


Cardiovascular Endurance: Regular running, jogging, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can be beneficial.

Strength Training: Focus on both upper and lower body strength exercises, incorporating moves that mimic the test’s events.

Flexibility: Stretching and yoga can assist with improving flexibility and reducing injury risk.

Practice: If possible, practice with the actual tools and equipment. This can offer insight into areas needing improvement.

Conduct, Location, Timing, and Cost

The Biddle is conducted by fire departments or designated testing facilities. Some colleges with fire technology programs also offer the test7.


Location & Timing: This largely depends on the fire department or agency you’re applying to. Most departments conduct the test multiple times a year, typically during recruitment phases.


Cost: The fee can range from $75 to $150, varying based on the location and institution8.



Q: Is prior firefighting experience required for the Biddle?

A: No. The Biddle measures physical capability, not firefighting knowledge9.


Q: Can I retake the Biddle if I don’t pass the first time?

A: Typically, yes. However, there might be waiting periods and additional fees[^10^].


Q: How different is the Biddle from other firefighter physical tests?

A: While the essence remains the same—to test physical readiness—the events and passing criteria can differ[^11^].


Q: What should I wear for the test?

A: Comfortable athletic clothing is recommended. Some departments may have specific guidelines on attire[^12^].



The Biddle Physical Agility Test is a pivotal step for aspiring firefighters. It ensures that you have the physical capabilities to manage the taxing demands of firefighting. With dedicated training and the right preparation, you can excel at the Biddle and move one step closer to your dream career.




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